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Throwing Away The Traditions | These Grooms Head To Iceland To Say "I Do"

Rob Folsom, Real Estate Agent, was proposed to by David Valdovinos, Wedding Photographer, in the Maroon Bells of Aspen, Colorado on September 24th 2018.

To see their engagement photos, taken by the brilliant, @sheenashahangianphoto

Find their proposal story written by @thegreenweddingshoes

For David's work as a photographer @david.valdovns

From day one, Rob and David felt as if they had known each other forever. The two met by way of a classic double right swipe. I like to advocate for Tinder relationships, the platform gets a hefty amount of grief for being a shallow, “looking for one night stand only” app, but every once in a blue moon, a very sweet relationship sprouts from the experience.

If you’re still not sold on the app, maybe this heartwarming love story will swing your vote.

After only a few days of texting on Tinder, they needed to meet! Their first date couldn’t have been more perfect. A summer festival with good food, friends, and music, maybe not in that order.

Rob's Take on First Meeting

"We agreed to meet by the Farris Wheel. (Sounds like a fairy tail doesn’t it) When I saw him for the first time I probably did the most shy hello and wave I have ever done in my life."

David says of their first few days

“After meeting in person for the first time we became inseparable. We hung out every day after work, and moved pretty fast to make things official. After just two days of having met in person, I asked him to be my boyfriend.”

When you know, you just know. You know?

“It's as if I knew there would be history between us from the moment we met.”-- David

David was born and raised in Mexico with very conservative, parents. Rob in the tiny town of Salix, Iowa, USA, to slightly more liberal parents who are more accepting of the young couple. Though parents and their children can butt heads, and certainly not see eye to eye on some occasions. Rob's dad wished them the best and knew a wedding would ultimately make the two happy. That's really all that matters.

"I recently told my dad that I appreciated the way he has treated David and I with so much respect, even though he doesn’t necessarily understand the relationship. Soon after that I told my dad we were engaged and soon to be married. He congratulated us and in his own way gave us his blessing. A few months later my dad passed away from heart problems. Right before he passed I told him that David would take care of me; he looked at me with a smile and shook his head okay." --Rob

A bit of volatility comes with all weddings it seems. Both sides have expressed discomfort with the wedding. This has in turn, made the grooms uneasy. Happily, siblings and extended family have expressed unconditional support and well wishes for the couple. Your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of your life, there should be no anxiety associated with that joy. Their day should be as wonderful as they are. Inhibition free and happy.

When asked his thoughts on how the wedding day will go, Rob said, "This wedding and honeymoon will be simple but elegant and stress free as possible. I never expected to have an abroad wedding so I was really excited for the planning."

To avoid anyone feeling strained or on edge, the grooms are headed to Iceland! A spectacular, private ceremony will take place on the breathtaking island of Fire and Ice.

David, Rob and 20-25 of their closest, most supportive friends and relatives will fly to Iceland together. The group will stay in a big house, enjoying each others company. The intimate ceremony will be one to remember as they say “I do” in front of Iceland's’ most breathtaking landscapes.

The couple has chosen Scotland based international wedding and elopement photographers Dylan and Joanna Kitchner. You can follow their work here, stay tuned for pictures of the big day! I know I'm excited!

Cliffs of Iceland's Eastern Black Sand Beaches

The reception will consist of everyone helping prepare a huge dinner. When the guests fly home, the honeymoon will begin!

“We believe the most important thing for our wedding is to be surrounded by people who love and support us, and spend it in the moment without having to worry about too many of the details from a much larger wedding.” --David

Though most Mexican weddings are full of traditions, these modern grooms are saying goodbye to old ways and making their own memories! We can't think of a better way of saying I do than to your very own tune.

"We haven't planned on incorporating any (traditions) for the fact of being traditions. We have looked at the things that would be meaningful to us, and have planned the way we will deliver our vows and carry out the ceremony, but besides that we just plan to make it as memorable as possible, and about us."

Most traditions are Bride and Groom Specific, these exclusive traditions would not apply to our wonderful grooms. So why incorporate them

Mexican marital traditions include the 13 gold coins given to the bride as a sign of trusting her with his finances. Los Padrinos, or God Parents should be there to sponsor the costs. El Lazo, a figure-eight rope or rosary is placed around the couple to represent a unity, the lasso is usually given by God Parents. There are so many more traditions, mostly stemming from Aztec, Mayan and Spanish rituals.

To learn more about traditional Spanish weddings, read Acapulcos blog highlighting all the cultural traditions this couple is saying "adios" to.

These grooms are incredibly strong and independent men who will overcome the opinions of their relatives, love without regret, and have a prosperous future together. We wish them all the best in this marriage.

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