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The Art of Eloping Abroad

We have all thought about the magic, mystery and thrill of taking your significant other to another country, marrying them in secret and announcing it when you are home. What steps do you need to take to accomplish this?

If you are thinking of eloping abroad, you are no ordinary egg! You love adventure and freedom and probably don't agree with spending thousands of dollars on one day. If you really want your wedding to stand out, go off the beaten path of a big wedding and elope in the mountains!

What's the difference between eloping abroad and having a destination wedding? It's a secret! No really, its a secret, eloping is generally kept a secret from friends and family until after the fact. Destination weddings are to be planned with guests and all the details of a regular wedding, but somewhere special!

Making the Decision.

Check out this Pro/Con Chart we made to help you make the decision to ELOPE! If you are torn between having that special day all to yourself, making memories with family and being ordinary versus getting married spur the moment, and not telling anyone, heres a chart to help sort it out!

Where to go?

Let's talk location! Mexico? Italy? India? Antartica? The world is (probably) your oyster. Every country has different laws and requirements for Non-citizens to get married on their soil.

If you choose a common marriage destination, (Mexico, Italy, France...) It will be easier to find and hire an experienced wedding planner. Eliminating as much stress as you can before you head out!

If you're thinking more, "off the beaten path" we suggest doing a lot of research yourself before going through with the wedding. We'd hate for you to have the happiest moments of your life, not even count, or be recognized in your home country!

Need some location inspiration? Check out our gallery below of the most amazing places to get married!

Religious or Civil?

Some countries only allow its citizens to have civil ceremonies. Make sure you are familiar with the rules and regulations in your home country as well as in your destination country regarding ceremonies.

Decide ahead of time so you can prepare, rent a space, and speak with the consulate/ embassy.

Check out our article on getting married at the Vatican!

It's your wedding, plan it your way.

Hire a Wedding Planner?

If you think you can handle all the details of your ceremony on your own, then you should maybe still consult with a planner to make sure everything is squared away!

If you want someone else to handle everything a wedding planner is for you! Our article on international wedding planners will help you narrow down which is the best fit for your elopement! They are familiar with the rules and regulations associated with weddings around the world.

Most travel agencies will have associated wedding planners to help you.

Are you planning on making it a Wedding + Honeymoon?? Stay at a resort! Most resorts will also have a wedding planner who will be an expert at getting you everything you need! Usually resort weddings are for groups and not generally for elopements, but the resort wedding planner will know what to do for you as well.

Check out all our articles on the best places to elope to find a wedding planner in your region!


In Italy, the USA, and many more countries, you'll need to have witnesses to your marriage. If you are planning to travel with someone, perfect! If it's just the two of you, message us! We can find you a witness in no time. Or just ask around town if anyone would want to give an hour or two of their time to the two of you! Your photographer or wedding planner can serve as your witness if needed.


1. Speak with your Embassy in Your Chosen Country. 2. Speak to Officials in Your Own Country 3. Residency Requirements 4. Paperwork

Contact the embassy you need and they will assist you with all the necessary paperwork! https://www.usembassy.gov/ http://www.allembassies.com/

Hire a Translator

Not necessary most of the time. Check out our article on getting married in Venice, Italy, to see the romance of getting married in the native language of the land.

If you want the ceremony to be preformed in English, and are not in an English dominant country, you'll likely need a translator to repeat what the officiant is saying.

So, what do you think? Want an elopement or want to get married the old fashioned way? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram or Comment below!

Are you planning on eloping? Let us know! We want to feature you!!

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