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Spring Floral Guide

Were you about to pair White Hydrangeas with Purple Roses? A classic mixed-flower arrangement doesn't have to be difficult, like pairing red wine with a steak, you've got to know your stuff, use your intuition to arrange gorgeous bouquets.

Take a look at this handy floral pairing guide that we put together for you for some ideas.

Roses & Sunflowers

The passionate intimacy of the rose is a great companion for the casual, sunny disposition of the sunflower. It is the perfect way to represents love, devotion and care. It makes the PERFECT gift for Mother’s Day, an anniversary, to simply to say, “I love you" or for your Wedding Day!

Tulips & Daffodils

These arrangement of flowers are gorgeous and very well laid out with lots of colors!

This arrangement can easily fill small containers, so put them to good use creating a romantic display at your wedding as well.

Lilies, Carnations & Roses

With white lilies, pink roses and purple carnations the perfect gift or wedding arrangement representing care, loyalty and devotion. White lilies symbolize devotion and humility, pink roses symbolize elegance and grace, while purple carnations symbolize royalty and loyalty!

Mixed colored roses

This dazzling assortment of medium mixed colored roses with brilliant roses in bright hues to capture every attention. An exceptional flower arrangement. This roses arrangement is great to celebrate any of life’s special moments.

Certain to be an attention-getter!

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