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Sourcing Local

According to Harpers Bazaar, the number one wedding trend in 2020, aside from canceling, and having smaller, more intimate weddings was sustainability. Sustainability is obviously trending on the world stage, but we are seeing the trend pop up in all sorts of industries. Specifically, the wedding industry. From getting your food from local vendors who use local cuisines, to handpicking your flowers from a local flower farm, shopping locally has become the thing to do in 2020. Since this way of life isn't leaving us anytime soon, we thought we'd create a guide to picking local!

We know that it's much easier to get an all-in-one package that includes everything from catering to diamond, and we know that you're busy enough as it is, but getting all local vendors to collab for your day can be so rewarding!

Dress Shops

David's Bridal and other large wedding attire chains can step out of the way this year for small businesses offering more intimate and personal services.

Why you should shop small at local bridal shops instead of going to a chain: Aside from boosting your local economy and helping your neighbors pay rent, there are many reasons to shop local for wedding attire. You get a more personalized approach, not just the person helping you try on, but the whole business is behind you finding your perfect dress. Tell them about your wedding and they will have advice and suggestions you hadn't thought of! Best of all, you get unique to you, perfect dress that no one else will have that season! #heirloom

Jewelry Shops

If you're looking for a one of a kind diamond ring, or a vintage ring, or just want an intimate experience overall, look for a local jewelry store over a national chain. Chains like Riddles and Zales will take a backseat to local shops that have been around forever but are struggling now due to COVID. Bonus points if you get an ethically sourced stone. More on that in our blog Ethical Stones.

Flower Shop

If you're looking for fresh flowers from someone who knows their way around a garden, try to find a local flower shop. It's not hard to find a flower farm, just ask around. Hand-picking your flowers can be such a fun experience and will make you want to press your whole bouquet!

Finding a local flower shop/farm to provide florals for your wedding is a great way to add even more personal flair to your big day!


This might seem like a no brainer, of course, the venue I'm at will be local, it's not like they can up and move! I'm talking about hotels and convention centers. Why get married at the Holiday Inn when you can get married in an old warehouse downtown in your favorite city, or a farm with views for days, or in a national park! The main reason you should choose a local venue over a national hotel chain is that the local venue owners have poured their hearts and souls into making the venue perfect for your event. They will likely be accessible as day of coordinators and can help with any detail you have questions about!

So find a local venue, tour it, and connect with the staff there. They want your day to be the best and can make anything happen!

Also, if you're concerned about the price, a local venue is much more likely to negotiate than the Four Seasons.

There are so many more aspects of your wedding that can be sourced locally instead of nationally. You just have to keep your eyes open to new opportunities!

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