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Starting the blog

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

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Kelley Jorgensen | Blog Author

Welcome to International Bride Guide. A blog that looks are weddings from all over the world. Here we stare stories from brides and grooms from every corner of the globe! We talk about some racy subjects which need to be advocated for. We also talk about destination weddings and are a guide for brides who are in a cross-cultural relationship, struggling to intertwine the traditions from each culture.

“I absolutely love this idea. I’m so curious about other cultures wedding traditions.” -- Facebook Comment from Meghan Kreger

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Creating The Future

“The best way to predict your future is to create it." (probably) Abraham Lincoln

I hope this blog will take off and see great things. Eventually, I would like to turn this blog into an online magazine, and then a print magazine! The opportunities are endless for this blog and I am so excited to see where it goes!

About the Author

Kelley Jorgensen

Eclectic Entrepreneur

Graduated SDSU Major: International Affairs (I know, fitting, right?) Minors: German, Geography. (Couldn't have chosen anything more fitting than those subjects!)

As a girl who has always had a love of travel, the outside world and other cultures, I wanted to be a travel agent. (I still might, who knows) In college, my social circle was very wide, I was friends with athletes, biology majors, aviation majors, engineers, and arts majors, most of all though, my social circle was international. For Thanksgiving, Christmas, and even 4th of July, I brought students from all over the world to my family gatherings. I made lasting relationships with students from Korea, Nepal, Peru, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, and so many more amazing countries. During the summer of my Junior Year, I went on a 2 and a half month backpacking tour visiting all the foreign exchange students my family hosted throughout my high school career. I visited 20 countries all on my own, (Completing 32 countries before I turned 20) mostly in Europe, but also some of Asia as well. When I returned from galavanting across the entire world, I was struck with the passing of an international friend. He had drowned in a terrible swimming accident. I volunteered to cohost/plan his memorial. In the process of planning, his best friend and I became remarkably close.

My experiences abroad accompanied by my education and interaction with the international community at my university led me to see the world with fresh eyes. I am starting this blog to give my dreams wind in their sails!

Thank you SO MUCH for reading.

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