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Who Flies Their Florist 7,346 Miles For Their Wedding? | Priyanka Chopra Does

Updated: Dec 7, 2018

--- And She Did It So Well---

Nick and Priyanka deserved to have the best five-day ceremony money could buy. When two celebrities from different worlds come together, you can expect there to be an extravagant celebration. The minor details though, like the flowers, in this elaborate five day wedding extravaganza were what made the event so spectacular.

The beautiful flowers held and worn by the entire bridal party bore significance to the Bride and her mother as seen in this wedding footage captured by Caleb Jordan Lee for PEOPLE magazine.

The bouquet held flowers with special meaning to the actress and her mom, Madhu, including tuberose, “both the bride and the mother of the bride’s favorite flower,”

According to PEOPLE Magazine, the couple had their favorite florist flown in to Jodhpur from New York City for the event.

The florist, Jenya Tsybulskyi of Jenya Flowers (NYC) had been flown in specifically to work on the bridal party bouquets. He has previously been named Bazaar's Little Black Book's Top Wedding Florist in the U.S.! It's no wonder Chopra and Jonas chose him for their day.

The handcrafted bouquet included Majolica roses, white nerine, blooming jasmine vine, white peonies, blush pink ranunculus and Salvadora pearl berries, picked from the garden at their royal venue.

Tsybulskyi told PEOPLE that Priyanka “wanted something elegant, romantic, delicate, and contemporary yet timeless. So I worked with a highly fragrant mix,”. He added that Nick's boutonniere was made from the same varieties: nerine, tuberose and Salvadora pearl berries.

Scroll to view each of the flowers featured in this famous bouquet.

The bridesmaids held a mix of tuberose, powdery beige carnations and lotus flower, which Tsybulski notes is:

“An aquatic herb that is often termed as ‘Padma’ in Sanskrit and enjoys a sacred status among he Indian culture.”
Woman sits in meditation. Preforming the Lotus or "Padma" position.

This just goes to show how important it is to mix cultures. When you have two ceremonies, Western and Indian as this couple did, it's good practice to have hints of each culture in each ceremony.

The florist also designed bouquets for the mothers of the bride and groom. Madhu, who walked Priyanka down the aisle, had a specific mix of tuberose, spider lily and water lilies in her arrangement. Denise, Nick's mom, carried held yellow peonies from New Zealand, plumeria flowers and Salvadora pearl berries. Each specific to each woman and symbolic of the coming together of cultures.

Both mother's bouquets were accented with “multiple layers of silk and satin ribbons chosen according to the color of their respective dresses.” by Tsybulski

The florist always emphasizes the importance of sourcing flowers locally. The flowers for the Chopra Jonas wedding were sourced from the Mumbai Dadar Flower Market.

See Instagram pictures of the Dadar Flower Market in Mumbai below

The Dadar Flower Market is constantly bustling with high energy flower-shoppers. In this photo by Nishchay Jain a.k.a. @meinbhphotographer We see a florist taking a second in the middle of the hustle of the day to hit a quick pose for the camera.


"Every morning I get to see these colorful things, they make my whole day colorful"

This photo by @banerjee.anurag and posted by @nomad97india truly captures the sheer

craziness that is morning time at the Dadar Flower Market in Mumbai.

The photo shows two men, a florist and a buyer, haggling over the price of a bag of bright orange marigold flower buds while other shoppers browse and haggle their own deals. The beauty of the vibrant flower market can be clearly seen through this photograph.

Nomad97India writes: The Dadar Flower Market, also known as “phool gully” which literally means “flower street”, is up and running before sunrise when vendors come in from around Mumbai with their stock of the freshest and most colorful flowers. Stepping under the flyover at 6 am is an experience of following the beautiful scent of roses and jasmine while also trying to fight through people and flower baskets alike."

The market opens up at 6 AM each morning to host hordes of eager flower wholesalers and buyers. The narrow alleyway is right next to the extremely busy Dadar Train Station which makes the commute with your new flower purchases that much easier.

This photo by @nishasondhe shows the length of the street as well as how insanely busy it can be each morning, even before the sun rises! Most customers are regulars, coming to get their morning marigolds for daily Poojas (prayers) and to decorate their homes and entryways. Marigolds hold a ton of spiritual significance and represent energy.

This photo by @norblacknorwhite

shows a unique and fresh birds eye perspective on the Dadar Flower Market. Showing the sheer volume of flowers and decorative leaves.

This photographer really captures the vibrant oranges, yellows, greens and reds of the gorgeous flower buds. A welcome sensory experience I'm sure!

Vendors can be seen frantically trying to keep up with the morning rush of customers coming to bargain over their flowers. Customers can be seen checking out what these vendors have to offer today.

Mexican photographer living in India @mariajousefa writes about the process of bringing the Marigold flowers from the fields to the streets of Mumbai. She says you can find the Marigolds on every corner of Mumbai, in stores, in homes, and in all sorts of celebrations.

Her photograph really captures all that goes into the journey the flower buds make from the fields to the market to their final distribution.

She accurately calls this movement "incredible".

Now you know a little more about where Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas' wedding flowers came from.

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