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April Fools Wedding Pranks

For some couples getting married on April Fools Day, or even the temptation to pull a few pranks on their wedding is just too hard to resist for those who are pranksters. Although not a national holiday, April Fool’s day is recognized in nearly every corner of the world and has been celebrated with trickery and foolishness for over 500 years.

TV Pranks: Hilarious | Real Life Pranks: Not So Much!

If you've seen New Girl you know the repercussions of having a prankster at your wedding.

Though Winston releasing a badger in Cici's wedding made for great TV, (one of my favourite episodes TBH) and Jess and Nick falling on the altar was just iconic...

Winston, Jess, Nick and Schmidt are praised for saving the day and no one, except maybe the Badger, gets hurt! The groom even finds the one he was supposed to be with all along.

In real life, these saboteurs would be in deep trouble!

To celebrate one of our favourite holiday's, we have compiled a list of the best pranks to play on your guests!

#1 Fake Ripping your Dress!

#2 Have a guest make an OBJECTION to the ceremony.

#3 Fill the entire getaway car with balloons.

#4 Create a fake wedding cake with cardboards, and cover it with whipped cream.

#5 Have the Best Man become ordained as a wedding officiant. Make it seem the officiant forgot to come, so the Best Man steps in.

#6 Consider small gag gifts in place of wedding favours. A lovely wrapped box at each place setting and when they open it …BOOM! The classic snake (formerly in a can) pops out!

The end result should be a day of joy and merry-making, not a a three ring circus where everyone is trying to out-prank one another. A few light hearted jabs here and there will definitely lighten the mood and lift everyone’s spirits… even the hold-outs! 

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