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All the Valentines Day Wedding Inspiration You Could Ever Want

Ah, Valentines Day, the most romantic day of the whole year.

The day couples from all over the world get together to commemorate another year of their everlasting love for one another. Millions, maybe billions of flowers, chocolates, cards and gifts are purchased and given to overjoyed partners. Every year, husbands and wives across the globe feel the need to "one-up" the previous years festivities. More chocolate, better cards, fancier dinners, and prettier flowers. Getting married on Valentines day is the ultimate romantic show of love! Below, you will find all the inspiration you could ever ask for in a Valentines Day wedding celebration!


What better way to say "I do" on Valentines day than with a pink and red heart shaped balloon send off?

This picture captures perfectly the spirit of a Valentines Day wedding!

The perfect timing of the bride and groom's kiss, the happy guests surrounding the newlyweds, the pink bouquet, and the Spanish Moss in the background just MAKE this picture!

Kudos to the photographer and the planner for getting this incredible shot!

Here's some more amazing balloon inspiration for you!

Backdrops and Photo Booths

Can you think of anything more romantic than kissing your partner in the middle of a heart shaped flower wreath?

I didn't think so!

This wreath made of vibrant red flowers will really POP on your wedding hashtag page on Instagram!

Have a heart wreath at your Valentines Day wedding for love struck guests to take the most romantic pictures and to forever remember your wedding!

Speaking of Photo booths...

A Kissing Booth!

This whole set up just epitomizes a romantic Valentines Day wedding celebration!

The XOXO garland, the love letters, the champagne and cute desserts, the frills on the giant balloon, and not to mention those outfits!

With a photo booth like this, your guests won't have a chance to FOMO their own V-day festivities. Not with an Insta-worthy shot like this one anyway!

Need some more inspiration? Check out these all-out backdrops!


Let's talk cakes.

Is it a wedding without wedding cake? Well-- technically, yes, but everyone loves cake and you've gotta give the people what they want, right?

The gorgeous cake seen here works as a beautiful decor piece with the watercolor red on the bottom complimenting the same color rose on top.

The florals are just as stunning as the watercolor effect on the bottom, and I'm sure it tastes just as good as it looks!

This cake is a true work of art!

Table Settings

Every memorable wedding has table pieces which you can tell took a lot of time, effort and love to put together.

Check out these out of this world table settings to get you inspired to create your own!

Check out this breath taking table set up! That greenery on top is not like any other I've ever seen. The long candlesticks give a bit of height to the table, meeting the massive greenery in the middle.

Need more inspiration? Check out these table settings below!

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