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5 Things You Need To Start Planning The Ultimate Venice Wedding!

If you're not familiar with the floating city of Venice, you are about to get a major case of wanderlust!

Located perfectly on the Adriatic Sea, in Northern Italy, Venice is the city of romance, good food and gondola rides. This city is a dream location for anyones perfect destination wedding.

Known for it's unique waterways, lack of cars and streets, the only modes of transportation are boats, gondolas, and walking across the many bridges. Every building is surrounded by water, every restaurant, waterfront. The city consists of 117 small islands interconnected by walking bridges and waterways.

The winters are always cool - never cold, and the summers are perfectly hot. Making Venice a year round beautiful wedding destination. The wedding season is from May to September, so if you don't mind a more chilly wedding day, I say book during the off season to experience the other side of Venice. See Venice's true personality shine, and beat the crowds/ other couples from November to April.

What You Need To Know

1. Registration

To get hitched in Venice you must first register with the Palazzo Cavalli (the town hall of Venice) The town hall opens registrations for the upcoming year at the end of October/ beginning of November. So if you are planning a typical summer wedding you should get a jump on registration from the town tall stat.

2. Save The Dates/ Travel Plans

Before you send out your save the dates, be sure to get the final word from the town hall, especially if your wedding guests will need to book their tickets. If you need to send out invites ASAP, leave the date blank and make sure your guests know not to book their airfare just yet!

Only in Venice can a bride "walk" down the isle via gondola. Venice is also one of the most beautiful cities of art, millions of visitors arrive each year to simply visit the city or enjoy attractions such as the Biennale or the Film Festival or the well-known Carnival.

Germany to Venice

Venice is so romantic that this couple were married in their home country of Germany, then traveled all the way to Venice with their photographer to take more pictures! I say the trip was well worth the drive!

Find this couple on Instagram @mrgrolik

3. Get a Translator

Don't speak Italian? You'll have to have a translator at your ceremony. Not to worry, when booking your wedding date with the Town Hall, a translator can be arranged for you! If you're worried about the awkwardness of having each line of the ceremony repeated, don't fret! Having the ceremony spoken in Italian and then translated adds so much magic and wonder to your day.

4. Have At Least Two Witnesses Bring your parents, your best friends, your siblings, heck! Bring your gondolier and his friend! Italian wedding ceremonies require two witnesses to the wedding, so make sure you've got them! You can most certainly have more than two, but at least two need to sign your registry.

Helpful tip for US Citizens

Civil ceremony by law must take place in buildings or places approved by the Italian government. Marriages involving US citizens cannot be performed by U.S. Consuls nor take place on the premises of the US Consulate

5. Plan Your Day

Like planning a wedding in your own hometown, planning a wedding in Venice will require the same preparation.

  • First, where you'll stay, Venice has some out of this world hotels. The Belmond Hotel Cipriani is our pick for the best stay.

  • Next arrange transportation. Like we've mentioned before, you can't just call an Uber to come get you, you have to take a water taxi or walk to where ever you're going. For extra ease, plan your ceremony the same place you are staying! No need to get lost in the maze that is the Venice streets.

Your photographer should know all the best secret gardens, and best angles to get the most perfect gondola pictures imaginable. Make sure you do your research and find a photographer who knows what they're doing and match your preferred style!

If you like any of the wonderful photographs in this post, click them to find the masterminds who took them! Message them on Instagram to book your perfect session in Venice today!

If these gorgeous pictures haven't sold you on the idea of getting married in Venice, I hope your spouse can!

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